Precision Ag

In today’s agronomy, technology and data have lots to offer our growers.  At Pearl City Elevator, Inc. we have invested in technology that can help you take your data and insights to the next level of yield, efficiency, and return on investment.  We create unique recommendations based on requirements, data, and professional insights.

We offer a menu of precision tools that offer solutions for your farm:

Field Data Management

  • Field Mapping/Scouting
  • Crop Compliance
  • Record Keeping
  • Yield Analysis Tools
  • Variable Rate Applications
  • Soil, Tissue, Nematode & Water Sampling
  • Plant Nutrition Decision Support Tools
  • NDVI imagery available for purchase

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FieldAlytics Login

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FieldView™ is a mobile and web-based software platform that uses data from multiple sources and helps you maximize yield potential, improve efficiency, and manage your risk.  With seamless data collection, field-level insights and real-time visualization, FieldView helps you make independent decisions with confidence.

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FarmersEdge™ Smart Solutions is a set of fully-integrated solutions that help you improve your farm’s sustainability, efficiency and productivity.


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The R7® Tool is a comprehensive precision farming solution that provides unbiased product performance information and critical field information to help develop and evaluate variable-rate prescriptions.  Our sales team uses the R7 tool to accurately place your seed on every acre using elite data from Winfield United’s Answer Plots®.

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