PCE Agronomy Solutions Team uses cutting – edge technologies

such as RTK, drone imagery, and data analytical tools to provide farmers with precise application, enhanced crop health and much more. Additional services we provide include soil and tissue sampling, scouting, fertilizer recommendations, and planting prescriptions.

The Agronomy Solutions Team can help grower’s tailer crop requirements throughout the year to match the needs of individual areas within their fields. This magnitude of precision assistance helps expertly place products to improve crop health, quality, and boost production in a cost-efficient manner.

Crop Nutrition and Protection: 

For crop nutrition,

PCE allows for a targeted and efficient application of fertilizers, ensuring that the right nutrients are provided at the right time and in the right amounts. This not only maximizes crop yields but also minimizes waste, reducing environmental impact and production costs. In terms of crop protection, PCE enables farmers to monitor pest and disease threats in real time. Early detection and intervention, informed by data and analytics, facilitate more effective and sustainable pest management strategies, decreasing the reliance on chemicals and minimizing potential harm to the environment. PCE empowers farmers to make data-driven decisions in real time, optimizing crop nutrition and protection. By doing so, it helps to increase agricultural productivity, reduce resource waste, and promote sustainable and environmentally responsible farming practices.

Seed Brands:

PCE offers a compelling line up of elite genetics

in our seed brands. Our portfolio consists of the latest traits and technologies for a fit on every farm and farming practice. Our seed corn and soybean brands include: Dekalb/Asgrow, Croplan, NK, Brevant, and Agrigold. Our Croplan alfalfa, wheat, sorghums, and millets are on the leading edge of high-quality forages and grain. PCE also offers small seeds and cereals such as turf grasses, pasture mixes, winter rye, and oats. We source these products from LaCrosse Seeds and a local dealer, Kennel Seed Farms.